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Here you can find a lot of interesting facts related to incredible but real life stories of professional scams who wrote the history of casino cheating. Striking stories about various scamming methods, tricks, ploys were incarnated and performed for decades.

But how is it possible to cheat today? Don’t cheaters care about own safety? You can find all answers here.

In the world of gambling, judi roulette, or roulette gambling, has been a popular pastime for generations. The peraturan roulette, or roulette rules, add an element of excitement and anticipation to the game. Players place their bets on a spinning wheel with numbered compartments, hoping that the ball will land on their chosen number or color. As the wheel slows down, the tension rises, and the thrill of the unknown captivates both newcomers and seasoned players alike. Understanding the peraturan roulette is essential for a successful and enjoyable roulette experience.

Absolutely. Practice shows that cheating at casino was used even hundred years ago. Of course, the challenge for fraud is more difficult nowadays. But scammers have good abilities to take advantage of technical progress. They are ready to reinvent new methods of breaking any of online roulette systems. But today not only players cheat, but casinos as well. That's why prior to playing at online casinos for real money you should investigate their safety systems carefully.For example I can propose melhores casas de apostas em portugal .

If you play roulette online you have no chances to cheat it. The thing is that almost all cheating methods used at the roulette table are physical. You cannot touch online roulette wheel, ball or chips, so you should submit the fact that the only thing which will help you to win at roulette is your luck. You may try it out at one of the top online casinos. For a range of the most exciting online casino games, visit this popular online casino today. But of course, roulette online is almost all you need if you are looking for some fun. Don’t waste your time for a long research. Just register at the Casino and enjoy the best online games ever!

You may also try out you luck playing other games of chances, like slots or bingo. If you think that today is not your lucky day, try to use your brains to win the game! If you are ready to do this, choose poker or blackjack game. But first you should definitely check this online casino review in order not to jump into a casino unprepared.

There are a lot of different games to play. You just have to choose the one, which will attract you. If you like scamming – choose poker game. Bluffing in poker is so wide-spread that you will be satisfied to play the game, where scam is almost legal. You may find poker game in any casino online you visit.

For the best casino experience available online, visit only reliable online casino. Choose those being one of the leaders in the online casino business, providing the top-rated online gaming services and working with the players from all over the world. Good online casinos will always promote you with big number of games and their variations.

You should also pay attention to the places offering good bonuses, as they influence the way you play casino games greately. With additional money on your account you can receive more depositing the same sum of money.

In spite of the fact that one cannot cheat playing roulette games online, they are still very popular. The reason is that any player can vary the odds making this or that bet. So if you do not want to lose a lot – do not make bets on one number. The general recommendation for all the players is to learn tips to play online roulette successfully without regretting that scam is not available here. You should remember that roulette should be played for fun not for making money. It is only the way to try out your luck and have fun. Money winnings is just extra attraction. They are ready to reinvent new methods of breaking any of online roulette systems.

You should also learn here the main rules and principles of roulette game. This will help you a lot to play roulette and find your own way to success. We’ll tell you about more sources full of useful gambling facts. If you want to be a successful roulette gambler, you should read all the basic information attentively and precisely. When you are through with basic, it is a high-time to discover some of the roulette secrets, which help to play this game professionally. We strongly recommend you to visit http://www.slotsgeek.com which is aimed at providing the theoretical information on casino games - online slots geek. Though this online source mainly caters to the slots player, it also provides information on the best online casinos, where you can find not only the essential information on different game rules and strategies, but also to play casino games for free to practice your skills. Knowing all the materials about roulette it will be easier for you to make your decision on roulette variant to play, and bet to place. And then, when you will be ready to real games you can roulette for money at http://www.onlinerouletteforrealmoney.net/!

If you have possibility to play casino games using your mobile phone the best choice for you will be to choose this type of casinos. The only difference between mobile and computer games is software which is used, but the games are almost the same. A beginner’s guide to mobile casino games such as roulette will also inform you of your ability to bet on any outcome – that is, which pocket the roulette ball will rest in. In fact, you can also place bets on colours, even/odd numbers and combinations.

Biased Wheel


All is not gold that glitters. Even a perfectly looking roulette wheel can be set up in a certain way or it can be broken. Joseph Jagger won millions on such a little bias.

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Roulette Online


Roulette Doc explains roulette rules and gives you possibility to play roulette game.

It provides tips for roulette players. You can read reviews of online roulette software and the best Internet roulette casinos.

There is also a list of roulette books where you can find roulette system suitable for you.

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There are plenty of casino scamming methods for every game: roulette blackjack, slots…

Online roulette is one of the most popular casino games and it's generally based on luck and not skill.

The greatest collection of online slots is waiting for you at slots of vegas online casino.

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Security Methods

Nevada Casino Black Book

Wonderful invention of the casinos in Las Vegas. They inscribe in it everybody, who was brave enough to cheat and win millions on that but later was caught red-handed, imprisoned and nobody wants to see him/her in the house.

Famous Scammers

Sherri Skoons

One of the most famous ladies-scammers, who was both charming and cheating. She was the best student of Richard Marcus. Sherri was never caught but later she quit and became a CSI.

Casino Winning Strategies

For casino players beating the odds is such an achievement. There are lots of casino games today that require skills and well planned strategy to be able to win.

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